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Pool Construction

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Saratoga Pools is responsible for your pool from signing of the contract until the delivery of the finished product. Our professionals will visit the project sight to ensure the ideal design that will fit perfectly with the surroundings, always based on the customers’ demands. With an endless amount of shapes and sizes our design team will assist and advise you, helping you make the right choice to create the pool of your dreams.

As one of the most experienced and reliable swimming pool construction companies in Cyprus, Saratoga Pools uses the “monolithic” method to create the reinforced concrete structure of the pool which has been applied to various projects in Cyprus as well as abroad with excellent results. Our high quality American origin metallic mold was specially created for combining the binding of the cement on the base, the floor and the walls creating a smooth surface for long lasting results.

Nevertheless, Saratoga Pools, in cooperation with engineers and contractors of any given project, utilizes strict engineering models and techniques that meet the modern engineering and European standards to deliver a luxurious and spotless design.

Saratoga Pools offers an infinite amount of choices of tiles and PVC membrane for the interior of your pool to appeal on the aesthetics of the customer. High quality Mosaic tiles with a massive variety of color and designs ensure that the customer will get exactly what he wants. Saratoga pools also provide PVC membrane which is the most economical solution with a long life period. Made from the finest vinyl available, which guarantees perfect water tightness, the PVC membrane comes in variety of colors and patterns allowing you to fully customize your pool’s interior.