Saratoga offers a variety of swimming pool products, chemicals and accessories, imported from international suppliers. We can provide all the tools and services you need for the proper maintenance of your pool.


Dry Acid

pH-DOWN granulate lowers the pH-value of the pool water from alkaline area to the neutral

Soda Ash

sodium carbonate is very important for keeping the ph levels at a normal range of 7.2 -7.6. Soda ash is applied to increase the ph in the water when needed.

Powder Chlorine

Sodium Dichloro Granular. Chlorine in powder for fast dissolving compound stabilized for the treatment of pool water

5 Action Tablets

pH – adjustment, disinfection, algae control, flocculation, cleaning and care

Chloramin Chock

Is a granulated oxidizing product, chlorine-free, which destroys, organic polluting agents chloramines.

Alkalinity Enhanced

Powder compound to increase the total alkalinity in the swimming pool water when is under 125 ppm. It is essential for ideal water conditions and to avoid a pH imbalance

Winter Algicide

keeps your pool algae-free all winter long. It is a very strong concentrated algicide that prevents the forming of algae (a pool cover is needed for this chemical).

Liquid Flocculant

A polymer flocculant with great coagulating and flocculating properties. Capable of removing particles in suspension found in pool water. (It’s used weekly)

Liquid Algicide With Brightner

Effective fast-acting quaternary ammonium based compound, with a powerful algicidal action, intented for the prevention and elimination of algae. (It’s used weekly)

GLB clear blue

non-chlorine shock with exclusive blue water and brightening crystals. It is used to clarify and cleanse the water. (It’s used weekly)

Tile Max Plus

Removes scale, stains and buildup, clings to upright surfaces and is safe on concrete, tile and vinyl liners. (It’s used weekly)

Blackal Shock

Kills all types of algae and prevents them from reappearing.

Test Kit

To check levels and water quality.

Spa Chemicals

Salt System & ph Control System


Pump Pentair Ultra-Flow

Solar Pump

Heat Pump

Filter Triton Clear-Pro

Pentair Pool Products Filter Triton TR-100

Pentair Pool Products Filter Triton TR-60

Cobra & Waterfalls

Jet Swim Counter Current

Aqua Bot Robot

Pool Net & Wall Brush

Use the pool net to remove leafs on water Brush for cleaning your pool’s floor and walls

Fairlocks Vacuum Head

Wide low shape can halve pool cleaning time

Triangular Vacuum Head


To check the temperature of pool water.

LED Lights

Pentair, Astral & IML Pool Parts

Pentair, Astral & IML Pool Parts

Pentair, Astral & IML Pump Parts

Pentair, Astral & IML Pump Parts