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It doesn’t matter if you fill your pool with fresh, clean water, and then skim and vacuum it every day, the water would still get dirty. Different kind of debris fall into your pool, bugs take their last swims in it, birds fly overhead and bomb it. And every time someone swims, they contaminate the pool with body oils, hair, dead skin, shampoo, soap, etc. The only thing keeping those contaminants from turning your pool into a black lagoon is sanitizer, which is probably the most important pool chemical you’ll ever use. And in order for the sanitizer to work, the pH of the water must be balanced.

Finally, you’ll add pool chemicals to treat algae, to clear your pool, and to prevent staining, depending on the problem. All of these factors work together to create balanced pool chemistry so you can swim in peace, so knowing what to use and how, is crucial. At Saratoga Pools you can consult our experienced team and purchase all the essential chemicals that you will need to sufficiently treat your swimming pool.

Filters & pumps (Self-priming)

Pool pumps and pool filters have been manufactured for more than 100 years specifically to treat swimming pool water, but many improvements have been made along the way, in both the design and the materials used.

The filtration system is one of the most important equipment of a pool. It is the best way and most consistent way of cleaning the water as it removes contaminates and makes the water suitable for swimming. Here at Saratoga we provide any type of filter but suggest sand or glass filters which are also the most popular as they require little maintenance.  Self-priming pumps are so named because they have the ability to draw water from the pool to the filter and then push it back into the pool. Our self-priming pumps which are made by global manufacturers (AstralPool) have single-phase and three-phase motors as well as prefilters integrated into the pump body to prevent foreign objects from entering which could damage the hydraulic parts of the pump.

At Saratoga Pools we can provide you with quality pumps and filters manufactured by global leaders ensuring top quality, always with the guarantee of our company.

Spare Parts

At Saratoga Pools we always strive to ensure top quality aftercare service for our clients.

That is why make sure to be able to provide spare parts and equipment for every product we supply as a company.

Whatever you need in terms of products provided by Saratoga you can be sure that you will find it.

Pool Shell Equipment

For your pool to work effectively and efficiently the correct flow fittings and pool shell equipment must be installed. We can provide you with all the necessary skimmers, inlets, main drains and many other equipment that will determine the quality of the water circulation and longevity of your pool.

A well-designed circuit for water circulation means important savings in:
•Time devoted to pool maintenance.
•Chemical products.
•Heating the water and keeping it at constant temperature.

At Saratoga Pools you will find all shell equipment required for your pool to properly operate, offering a wide variety of choices in design and brands.


PVC / Pool Lining / Special Equipment

The reinforced PVC liner/membrane is composed of several layers, among which is a polyester mesh with special lacquer formulation to protect against external factors. This reinforcement gives the liner more strength and durability. Our reinforced membrane comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

At Saratoga Pools you can choose anything from a traditional blue mosaic pattern to exotic and elegant 3D designs offered by our TOUCH series. Inspired by nature, the designs bring beauty, elegance and character to each pool with a surprising touch, inviting you to caress the surface. This revolution in reinforced membranes for the lining of pools is now available in 3D. Saratoga Pools also offers a wide range of colors and textures in glass/ceramic material to tile with any type of pool. Developed and design to resist, chemical products, frost, stain, and other hard weather conditions. Due to its inalterability, easy clean and installation it is an optimum alternative to use for your swimming pool.

At Saratoga we are also able to provide you with specialized equipment for your pool. Heat pumps, counter current swim jets, UV lights, automated cleaning robots and pool surround equipment are just some of the extra options you can buy at Saratoga Pools.




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