Overflow Swimming Pools

Brilliant aesthetics with a beautiful design. No apparent edges or gaps, just a smooth seamless surface of water blending with the surrounding deck. It makes sense that the Overflow pool is one of our favourite pool types.

An Overflow Pool can make a simple outdoor space look like a 5 star resort. They are designed to impress after all.

Equipment & Accessories

1. Filter

The skimmer pool comes with a dedicated sand filter that provides outstanding water clarity..

2. Water Pump & Motor

The water pump is the heart of your swimming pool. Saratoga pumps are carefully selected to be reliable and quiet. Massive power, minimal sound emission.

3. Reinforced Concrete Wall

The 20cm of Saratoga monolithic reinforced concrete, offers strength and long lasting life.

4. Overflow Channel

A concrete moulded channel around the pool which gathers water and dust and then sends it back to the system for refining.

5. Overflow marble

Gives out a nice feeling and adds finesse to the pool.

6. Overflow Grill

It allows water to go through and into the channel. It could be made out of PVC or marble.


It is the third piece of marble (set). It is placed between the pool and the cement paver and provides additional appeal.

8. Inlet Fittings

Fully adjustable wall fittings that direct the filtered water flow to any area of the pool for proper circulation.

9. Vacuum Point

The point where a pipe can penetrate and the pool can be cleaned manually.

10. Bottom Drain

To maximize water flow and circulation, a bottom drain is added to the pool.

11. Underwater lighting

Pool lighting can give you more time to swim safely in your pool and create a great ambience at night. We have a range of products that will brighten up your pool in the dark and give it a luxurious and sophisticated look.

12. Balance Tank

An underground tank, where the water ends up before reaching the engine room. It is made out of concrete for better resistance.

13. High Pressure Pipes

They transfer water to and from the engine room underground.

14. PVC Membrane or Ceramic Tiles

Saratoga pools are available with 1.5mm PVC Membrane treated against micro-organism attacks and UV degradation. We also offer a large collection of ceramic tiles.