Pool Safety Covers

You have designed and built the pool you have always dreamed off. The next step? A Saratoga safety cover. Why? Because you want to keep your pool clean and healthy throughout the year. A pool cover provides safety for your family and keeps out those pesky critters, tree leaves and debris from spoiling the impeccable surface of your pool. This way, you spend more time enjoying it rather than cleaning it.


Ways of Installation

here are three ways of installing pool covers, adaptable to the shape and size of the pool. The choice of the installation type is totally up to you, according to your own taste and demands. The pool cover will be designed to fit the exact specifications of your pool and only the most resilient and high grade materials will be used in every aspect of the project.

Why Saratoga Safety Covers

The Saratoga safety covers are installed using high quality aluminium and stainless steel materials. We scrutinize every detail and every material in order to provide effectiveness, strength and durability. The canvas in all Saratoga safety covers is 650 gr/m unlike other similar types. We use high frequency welding machines to give the cover 20 times more endurance and weight resistance. Protect your pool lining, prevent water evaporation and preserve a clean and healthy water surface for your pool with the quality standards of Saratoga safety covers.